Princesses dancing at Pixie-Path

Merida is grateful she has no sisters (step or otherwise).

The little mermaid hides her smile

Rapunzel’s attempt to *smolder*

So, this past weekend we held our own festival, called Pixie-Path! Nearly all of our characters were out on a site we decorated, singing songs, telling stories, and performing choreographed dances! We even had a local band (K-Sides) perform as recognizable villains! Over the next week, I’ll be posting some photos from that event.
 Here is a photo of our whole cast!

Sleeping Beauty, “card” style. Shot outside of a local church. Does anyone do Sleeping Beauty shoots NOT near a church?

Snow White “card” style. Shot outside of a gated community. ;)

Our Arabian Princess will soon get a whole new outfit, but for now I wanted to show off our gorgeous new performer (Mika, of Khemia Creations) in full makeup and hair. I cannot wait for her to have her first princess appearance! 

We did a mini-shoot after a party last week, and I couldn’t resist!

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